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Halloween Redux

November 1, 2010

My desk is covered, COVERED, in piles of miscellany that were once orderly and under a modicum of control.  I can barely reach through the mess to type, and yet I am not really that embarrassed to admit it, because right now my desk is Halloween Central.  Now, I don’t LOVE Halloween, nor do I look forward to it all year with great excitement and glee. As ‘holidays’ go, I think it’s just fine. But what’s awesome about Halloween– or what was once awesome about it, and what I hope to make awesome once more– is homemade costumes.

When I was a kid, my very artistic and hands-on mother made our costumes herself, pretty much every year. By the time my awkward era of preadolescence began, and I was probably too old to be trick-or-treating anyway, my Halloween costumes were, sadly, no longer couture. But in my Halloween heyday, they were a thing to be envied! The matching Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat outfits that my mom made– from scratch– for my brother and me were unforgettable. And my Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume was downright award-winning.

Well, I know very little about sewing, so if I’m ever going to match my mom’s Halloween efforts, I have to start small.  Emilia (my daughter, 3) decided months ago that she wanted to be a supergirl for Halloween. Eventually, we narrowed down her supergirl options to one very modern supergirl: Violet Parr, from “The Incredibles”. And Violet has a younger brother, Dash, which would be a perfect costume for Diego (my son, almost 2), who coincidentally also possesses the gift of speed. More importantly, their costumes are exactly the same. So my project seemed fairly straightforward, and most importantly, manageable. I bought them each a very inexpensive red long-sleeved shirt, red leggings, black shorts and black boots. Then I added some homemade touches. I sewed (!!!!) gold belts/waistbands with velcro “closures”, black satiny cuffs to look like long gloves, black jersey collars, and the crowning jewel of my Halloween project: embroidered Incredibles patches.

These things took me forever to make, even though they were fairly simple, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that the construction…. well, it’s a bit poor. But since none of the items I made attach permanently to the store-bought items, this makes the store-bought items…. reusable! Creativity AND frugality, what a powerful combo! Will the costumes be award-winning, like Dorothy? Probably not…… Well, maybe, who can say? But the point is, I did it! The tradition is reborn!

Violet in action.

And now, I’m really excited about some candy.

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